Navigating EM Equities - PIMCO Webinar

Web conference avec Masha Gordon, gérante de portefeuilles actions émergentes

Conférence en anglais jeudi 23 janvier 16h. Si vous souhaitez participer merci de vous adresser à

Having emerged from the financial crisis a widely lauded asset class, EM equities are now distinctly out of favour. The promise of higher rates of economic growth has evolved into stagnant corporate earnings, and three years of equity market underperformance relative to the developed world. With concerns over Fed tapering also highlighting macroeconomic vulnerabilities, investors have turned away from what remains a volatile asset class.

Yet does negative sentiment present a long-term buying opportunity? And if so, how can investors capitalise on this while staying cognisant of the risks?

Please join Masha Gordon, Emerging Markets equity portfolio manager, and Andrew Pyne, Equity product manager, as they discuss the outlook for emerging market equities and how investors can best navigate the asset class.